Wrongful Death

For Times of Sadness and Uncertainty

The death of a loved one is difficult enough on its own. However, grief is only compounded if the events leading to death were caused by a negligent party. Knowing that if another person was just more careful, your loved one would still be around is an unbearable feeling.

Not only is there the profound sense of loss, but economic uncertainties nag at you and make this a stressful experience.  In a time you need everything to be simple, every day becomes more complex.

The Stubbs Law Firm, PLLC not only offers skilled litigators for wrongful death cases but also a personal approach with compassion for those who have lost friends or family members through tragic circumstances.

Beyond Proving Negligence

While proving the negligence of another is a large part of a wrongful death lawsuit, there is also documenting the damages of emotional distress, economic loss, and medical and other expenses. When you are grieving, collecting information on these damages or filing insurance claims may feel overwhelming.

By hiring an attorney at The Stubbs Law Firm, PLLC, we not only help clients in central Mississippi with wrongful death lawsuits but also guide them through insurance claims, medical bills, and other items that arise with unexpected death. You can focus on your recovery while we handle the legal issues on your behalf.

Schedule a consultation at our offices by calling 1-844-STUBBSLAW (844-788-2275) for an honest and thorough assessment of your wrongful death claim and possible compensation during this difficult time. You are going through enough already; let us handle the paperwork.