Family Law

Understand The Process And Your Rights In Family Law Matters

Divorce, child custody, spousal or child support, and family violence issues make the very private public through family law cases. These heart-wrenching and frightening times not only require a skilled legal advocate, but compassion and personal attention too.

Attorneys at The Stubbs Law Firm, PLCC serve clients in Smith, Rankin, Simpson, Lawrence, Covington, and Jefferson-Davis Counties in handling their family law needs. Whether you are initially filing for divorce or require a modification in a previous support or custody agreement, we offer the experience and skill you need to make sure the court hears your case and respects your rights.  We also listen well to ensure we understand all circumstances before presenting your case.

An Emotional But Complex Area of Law

The emotional nature of family law cases is reason alone to hire an attorney at The Stubbs Law Firm, PLLC. Mississippi family court procedures and standards are not simple. Also, you require level guidance to help you make good decisions based on understanding, not pain and hurt.

Therefore, we help you through this rough time by reviewing facts and explaining how the law applies to your case. Even if you cannot secure the result you wish, you will at least understand the why, which will help you move forward in a productive manner.

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