DUI & Criminal Defense

For When Your Freedom Is At Stake

Criminal charges are a serious matter no matter the level of offense. Being convicted of a DUI, misdemeanor or felony has serious implications not only for your freedom but for your future.

You can preserve both by hiring a criminal defense attorney at The Stubbs Law Firm, PLLC. No matter the charge you face in the state courts of Mississippi, we know the system and procedures, as well as how to negotiate with prosecutors. It is our job to make sure you are treated fairly and do not face a disproportionate sentence.

In Criminal Cases, Time Is Of The Essence

Criminal law rests almost entirely on procedure and timelines. Missing a deadline in one step increases your chances of a long jail sentence or other more burdensome punishment. By having legal experience on your side, your case is not only handled efficiently but also correctly.

Attorneys at The Stubbs Law Firm, PLLC do not judge but listen to your side of the story. We look at all the facts of the arrest and booking, in case any of your constitutional rights were violated. Lawyers also review all reports by police officers and witnesses to see if there is bias or inconsistencies. Prosecutors must prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt meaning the unexplained can set you free.

Time is not on your side in criminal law so the best time to contact a lawyer is immediately. Call 1-844-STUBBSLAW (844-788-2275), so an attorney at The Stubbs Law Firm, PLLC can get to work on your case immediately.